Staging for Pet Owning Sellers: DOGS

Staging for Pet Owning Sellers
Part 2 – Dogs
Vacuum and/or sweep every day at the very least and more if needed! This advice will never change…keeping any kind of flooring clean will help your house sell especially carpet.  Be meticulous in your vacuuming and sweeping, pay careful attention to corners, edges and door jams.  Make sure you don’t have dog hair on your furniture and bedding. Dogs enjoy lounging where the people are so the evidence that they have been there is frequently visible.
Dog odors can be more subtle than cat odors.  Make sure to keep your dogs themselves clean.  This will help by keeping dirty dog smell out of furniture and carpets.  If it is possible keep them off beds and furniture while your house is listed, this not only helps with odors but will eliminate dirt getting on your furniture that the dogs carry in from outside.  Use baking soda or carpet sprinkles when vacuuming.  Try boiling recommendations prior to using any liquid on fabric or carpet to avoid damage.) If the smell of your pets is extremely strong, try bleach. While bleach is not a favored smell, most experts agree the smell of bleach is better than the smell of someone cinnamon in water for 30 minutes before a showing. Use citrus scented cleaning products, especially before a showing.  You can mist citrus scented water on linens or curtains before ironing or when changing and cleaning. (Be sure to check the manufactures cleaning 

else’s dog.
Be sure to make a pass through the yard and remove any waste before showing your house!!

The best way to show a house as a dog owner; is to leave no sign of your dog other than dog doors, or accessories that will stay with the house when sold.  Leaving your dog in the house is like leaving family pictures hanging all over the walls and this choice should be avoided at all costs.  Your goal is to help the buyer be able to imagine their family in the house.  If the house reflects the seller’s family it makes it harder for the buyers to see the houses potential for their family.
When your house is being shown, keep barking dogs out of the house.  Eliminating this distraction will help keep the buyers focused on your home.  You can see if a friend or family member will keep your dog at their house for a while.  You can take your dog for a long walk, your dog will enjoy getting out and spending time with you.  If you simply can’t arrange to get your dogs out of the house you can set up a temporary pen in your backyard.  These can be found at pet stores or many farm and ranch stores and you can take it with you when you move.  Temporary pens keep dogs out of the rest of your backyard and away from fresh landscaping.
If you leave your dog at the house it should be because it’s the ONLY option you have left. The last thing any seller needs is a lawsuit because their dog bit someone looking at their house.

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