The Siding Dilemma Broken Down

A traditional and extremely popular Montana choice, wood is one of the primary standbys for homeowners when they decide how to side their home. Varieties include clapboard, rectangular planks, plywood, shingles/shakes, solid wood, and hardboard. Each has its own specific look and feel to it to render a unique style to a home. Notable benefits of wood siding consist of an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance that may increase the overall value of a home. The varieties of wood listed above in addition to the versatility of paint/stain colors allow for wood to be adaptable to any environment. The maintenance often deters homeowners. Repainting/resealing must be done ever few years. If not, wood may rot, be colonized by termites, or blister under the sun which leads to peeling, cracking, and fading.
A nontraditional durable, affordable (in the long term), and low maintenance siding option, steel is bridging the market of commercial building into residential. Exposure to elements can still lead to rusting, but as with each of these options, staying on top of the upkeep with easily prevents this. Wind-proof, hail-proof, and severe weather-proof, steel is a great alternative for us here inBozeman, Montana.  One of the great accolades affiliated with steel is the ease of cleaning to restore it to its top condition. All the owner has to do is spray down the siding and DONE!
Vinyl is the most common housing siding in the United States. It is famous for its supreme low maintenance, durability, and relatively low cost. No paint is required, and very little cleaning is associated with vinyl. Similar to steel/metal siding, all a homeowner needs is a hose to keep their home in tip-top condition. VSi-certified vinyl retains its color and can be cut/placed in a wide variety of options to maximize customization. Contemporary or vintage visages can be obtained through proper manipulation of the styles.
Hardie Boards are the standout in the concrete category with their extreme resiliance to exterior wear and tear, long standing reputation for having a long life, and its adaptibility of appearance. In this same concrete category, there is also perhaps the most nontraditional option making waves in the siding debate is the concrete options, specifically concrete logs. This siding gives homeowners the feel and look of a traditional wood/log home without ever needing to worry about fires, insects, mold, extremely low maintenance, and operating cost within the home are greatly reduced (heat, ac, ect). This option is ideal of Montana to fend off fires and heavy snow damage, for Mid US against tornadoes, Eastern US against hurricanes and around the world for maximum protection against natural elements.
The debate comes down to a personal homeowner’s aspirations for their home. Personality exists in each option, you just need to find the one that fits you (and your budget) accordingly.   

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