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The Home Buying Process, Explained

We realize the home buying process can seem daunting. To set your mind at east, we want to provide you with the steps of this process. While each transaction is unique and different, these steps are the basic overview of the home buying process.
Initial Process Step 1 - Visit With Your Lender First. Always. Make sure you are qualified to purchase a home and/or visit about the steps you need to take in order to become pre-qualified. This also provides you with information about your lending capacity and the price range you can begin shopping in.
Step 2 - Meet With Your Realtor Go over the relationships in real estate for the state you are purchasing in. Sign the necessary documents to hire them as your Buyers Agent.
Step 3 - Shop Homes Look at homes with your agent and find one you can fall in love with!
Transaction Process Step 1 - Write An Offer With your realtor's help, draft a strong and competitive offer which will give you an edge in our robust market.
Step 2 - Counter Offer T…

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