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Not Just a Roll With A Hole by Steven Feagler

The cat's out of the bag! Or, should we say 'the bagel's out of the bag'? The iconic, community loved, BagelWorks, is up for sale. Initially, we kept it (the name of the business) under wraps so as not to alarm anyone and keep things 'business as usual'. Our biggest hope in doing so was that an uneventful transaction would take place and whomever purchased the business wouldn't change a thing. Because, well, we love the place exactly how it is. We're not alone here, either. After all, it's been open for 26 years! Last year, for it's 25th anniversary, the folks at Gallatin Valley Life wrote up a nice little article about the beloved BagelWorks...

"Not Just A Roll With A Hole" BagelWorks, Celebrating 25 Years Serving The Gallatin Valley by Steven Feagler
In Bozeman, there are always a plethora of new restaurants opening their doors, while many others shut off the lights for the last time. Surviving the first year as a restaurant is no ea…

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