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New Homeowner? Here are The 6 Items You Need To Buy First

First, welcome to the first time home owner’s club. It’s an overwhelming and exciting time, and we know you could probably use all the help you can get. You’ve got a laundry list of things to do, likely including laundry, so to help you move and settle in as smoothly as possible, here’s a prioritized list of items to get and/or to do that will quickly turn your house into a home.
1. Start With Your Bedroom Upgraded mattress The first room you need to start with in your new home is the bedroom. Why? You’re going to be exhausted from moving, and it’s the first room you’ll spend (read: sleep) most of your time in. Now, chances are that you’ve been sleeping on an outdated, hand-me-down mattress of some kind. Things have improved wildly since the in-store spring mattress days; in fact, studies show that new bedding systems increase sleep quality and reduce sleep-related pain. Having a new home to move into is the perfect opportunity to upgrade without the hassle that traditionally com…

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