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Meet Lena Mansour

We're excited to announce that we have another new team member and it's her smiling face you'll be greeted with when you come into the office! Lena Mansour is our new Director of Communications and Transaction Manager. She has only been with us a short time, but has already proven herself to be invaluable. She's a licensed Realtor with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and MBA with a minor in Economics. Impressed? Just wait until you meet her in person. She's passionate about people and real estate, and it shows. As is tradition, we asked Lena to share a little with us...

As the newest member of the Bozeman Montana Real team, and new to Montana in general (originally hailing from the south), I have to say that I have not worked with a team that provides the amount of wealth of knowledge about the industry or is more dedicated to the success and happiness of their clients. I attended Texas State University and graduated with honors with a Bache…

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