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The Purpose of Phase Inspections and Why They’re Necessary

The building process is complicated and it’s possible to miss a critical item during the process. For this reason, it’s advisable to hire a specialist building inspector who will monitor the entire process and ensure compliance with the building regulations. A building inspector gives you, as the homeowner, a third party unbiased evaluation of your construction. This ensures areas of concern are noticed early enough before it gets impossible to rectify these faults.
Points of Inspection in a Home Construction. Inspection of any construction happens in phases. This ensures the architectural and structural plans are followed correctly
An inspection of the site before construction starts is important. It helps determine conditions of the siteAfter excavation for foundations
This should happen after the trenches are dug, leveled and cleaned to remove any groundwater.Construction of foundations
After the concrete is poured into the trenches and corners of the building marked to…

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