Bozeman Montana Ranks Top 25 Ski Cities in the WORLD

Bozeman gets to boast one more accolade. As dubbed by National Geographic, Bozeman Montana is one of the top 25 Ski Towns in the WORLD!
“Just what makes a classic ski town? It starts, naturally, with skiing and snowboarding so good they attract people like youth-bestowing fountains. Then add an inviting mountain burg steeped in ski heritage, amenities, and culture. These are the 25 best. For insider tips, we asked local luminaries where to stay, play, and party, whether you're on a budget or indulging.” —Aaron Teasdale
The article portrays Bozeman as “an old Montana university town of cowboys and ski bums, pickups and unleashed dogs, and two of the premier ski hills in America.” I cannot find much wrong in that interpretation. We are a place where fine dining meets blue jeans attire, a place where fresh snow means depleted classroom attendance for all the students hitting the slopes, and a place I can HOME.  
Two of our three ski resorts are praised. World class Bridger BowlBig Sky, and (I will throw in) Moonlight Basin are all within an hour’s drive from Bozeman.

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