Real Estate Marketing with a Whole New Twist

As a small local business, Bozeman Montana Real is greatly impacted by google analytics as well the shifting practices of online marketing. Companies looking for a quick and easy way to reach out to potential clients is a thing of the past. AdWords is systemic statistic based tracking filter that gives preference to the higher pay-per-click ratios of different websites. The results of accurately targeting your company’s keywords are phenomenal, until recently. Cost per keyword has been steadily on the rise with no end in sight.
“The only way for smaller advertisers to get an edge is to spend a lot of time improving the quality and relevance of their ads,” said Richard Stokes, author of “Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising” and the founder of AdGooroo. “The problem is that everyone else is doing that as well.”
So how do small businesses combat this increasingly costly advertising? The increase of SEO awareness and organic marketing techniques. Knowing what words are the most valuable and using them in natural, frequent, and irregular ways. Simply creating content around what people are looking for, a business becomes more relevant which translated as less per click. Marketing needs regular attention because it is always changing. Who knows what the next shift will be! 


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