Maximizing your home for YOU

Home Storage
Make efficient use of the space you have within your home. Closets are getting creative with space maximizing techniques that range from simple closet organizers and storage rods to vacuum shrinking bulky clothing for the out of season apparel that takes up so much of the space. If the easy things are done to make the most of the current storage spaces your home offers, think of the ways to expand! Kitchens may just not fit all dishes, food, and appliances. Take another look at your cabinets to see if there are open spaces within them that can store more! If inserting a new shelf does not mend your spatial needs, look for complementary self-installing cabinets that can open the kitchen space up a little more.

Moving Material
Move stuff in. Move stuff around. Move stuff out: three easy tips to make your space more functional and freshen it up. Buy yourself a new coffee table that is hollow inside to add a new feature piece to your room and hide the undesirable clutter.  Move stuff around. Reorganize so that the highest used items are easiest to reach and see and the things that are only used for specialty occasions are more tucked away. If you have done everything you can to move things and your home is still over burdened with clutter, think about moving things OUT. Minimalist living differs for everyone, but it is minimalist living that keeps a space fresh, trendy, adaptable, and most of all—comfortable. 

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