Men and Women Will Fall In Love… WITH YOUR HOME!

American houses most admired features:
Men: Master bathrooms top this category for men. The next three places are neck in neck with 55% of men wanting walk-in closets, 51% wanting a gourmet kitchen, and another 51 % wanting an outdoor deck.  The stereotype is broken with only 42% of men wanting pre-wired entertainment throughout the house. On the other hand….
Women: 75% of women want master bathrooms with a close second of 72% wanting walk-in closets. 62% want a gourmet kitchen and the statistics fall from there. Only 28% want pre-wiring for home theaters and surround sound systems.
As a home owner, your listing may not have all these highly sought for amenities; you can highlight your listing’s features knowing that these are the assets buyers are looking for. For example, if three rooms share a single bathroom, make it luxurious enough to feel like a master. Clear away storage spaces to show off the ample space there is that can serve the role of a walk in. Work with what you have, but in order to make men and women fall in love, know what they are looking for! 

Bozeman Montana Real Estate
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