Yellowstone National Park

I am back in picturesque Montana after spending a year doing an NSE exchange to St. Mary’s Honors College.

St. Mary's College St. Mary's College St. Mary's College

There are many reasons why I left my home state, but there are even more as to why I returned. In southern Maryland there was beauty, mild weather, and great people. When I stepped off the plane back in Missoula, I realized the only reason I could make those observations about MD was because I came from the ideal place of beauty, extreme weather, and GREAT Montanans. This is HOME.

Further confirming my deep joy of being home, I went to Yellowstone with my family this past weekend. Here is a glimpse of what I experienced…
 Yellowstone Yellowstone Yellowstone Yellowstone

This is a simple post, but I ask you to just take a moment to look around and witness the miracle you live in.Montana is a blessed placed. 

Written by: Brittney Dahlberg: Bozeman Montana Real Relations/Marketing Mngr.

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