Selling your Home: Holding an Open House around an Event

             Holding an Open House around an EventBozeman Real Estate Agent
I’ve been selling real estate for quite a while now, and open houses have always been a bit of a mystery to me.  I think I have the right home picked out, do the right advertising, and have absolutely no one turn out.  I have put the family out of the home on a Sunday, and spent the day away from my family as well, all, for what feel like, naught.
The conversation of open houses always comes up at my listing appointment.  And, sometimes, even the seller doesn’t want to contend with this inconvenience.  As agents, we are all aware, that it is a fantastic venue to drum up new buyer business, but in all my years as an agent, I have only written a buy-sell on the home I held open on one occasion as a direct result of an open house.  Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely sold many others from them!
Realtor in BozemanSo we brainstormed on how to get a better turn out, and get the community or the neighborhood to notice.  One option we decided upon was maybe hosting an open house around an event.  For instance, do you have a listing down the street from the school?  Do they have a football game happening on a Saturday afternoon?  Might it be a great time to put out signs just after the game to attract parents of students that might have a sincere interest in the neighborhood?
How about a downtown event that draws a huge crowd, could just signs Bozeman Montanadirect a larger number of visitors to a home only blocks away?  Or maybe expand on the Christmas stroll, have your client decorate and then “get on the stroll” by adding signs to direct strollers to your open house?
What ideas do you have to share for events that might be workable with an open house?
If you are looking for a Bozeman Realtor to help sell your home, call, maybe we can do some research together and come up with some great open house ideas for you as well.

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