Selling a home: Tips for Revitalizing a Listing

Tips for Revitalizing a Listing
As a realtor, there comes a point in the listing when we know wLuxury Bozeman homese need to revitalize and refresh the online appearance, and create some new buzz about a particular home.  After about 90 days in our market, the listing is typically just sitting on MLS and seems to have a down turn in interest.  In our office, we try to create some new interest by updating and changing some items and doing a bit of campaigning every 60 to 75 days to prevent this from happening.
The following is a list of what we do, it might help others, and I would love to hear what you do in your businesses, maybe we can add a few points to our list!
1.       New pictures!    Seasons change, trees change colors, flowers come out, and sometimes you simply get a new perspective.  Besides, it brings it to the attention of all the MLS users on the hot list and a buyer may not flip through pictures thinking “I’ve seen this before”, they might see it differently too and schedule a showing!
2.         Update your description.  Use a different technique.  Try walking through the home from a buyers perspective and describe the unique things and how you see the home rather than the standard 3 bed/2 bath description that is normally used.
3.      Send out a refresher email  to the agents in your area.  They are used to getting new listings and price reductions this way, but may attach something of value for them to print and use along with it. Pumpkins for Halloween?  A coffee from the coffee shop?  Anything to make them focus on the listing and its unique points.
4.      Write ablog post , make it unique again.  What features are unique?  Why would you consider purchasing the home?  You can also use blogs about the neighborhood schools, parks, or activities where you announce this home for sale with a link as an alternative.
5.      As always, the good old standby, discuss a price reduction to go with your renewed ad push.
6.      Try a one line ad  in the newspaper, mini nickel, or other blurb type publication in your neighborhood.  I have also used a photo with very limited information and a website to entice folks to log on for information.
7.      Post a one line ad   if you don’t already do this in your usual marketing routine.
8.      Hold an open house  around a neighborhood or school event.
9.      Send outpostcards  to neighbors, who would they recommend you contact to look at the home?  Do they want to pick their neighbor?
I’m sure there are many others, and I’m hoping to pick up some suggestions here.  We work hard at keeping our listings top of mind for both buyers and agents.  We want to be the home considered and purchased, not forgotten and lost!  Please recommend some other ideas.
If you have a home you would like to sell, please call us, we would be happy to share our entire marketing plan with you and help you get the job done!

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