Remodeling Permit: Not to be Forgotten!

                                 Remodeling Permit: Not to be Forgotten!
Questions around finishes, textures, colors, and hues are in the spotlight when it comes to remodeling. Reading through the mundane details of a building permit process is a far less exciting—far more important task to be focused on. A homeowner may not get caught in the act while they are remodeling, but in the selling of that home, the details will come out. Local approval requirements are there for safety and to avoid legality issues in the future and ignoring them could lead to a bigger headache in the end!
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Remember these Guidelines:

1.       If you hire out to a licensed contractor, these issues are generally negated because you will be paying them to handle the fine details, but be certain your contractor follows the proper city protocol for obtaining permits and getting his work inspected appropriately.

2.       Ask before you list! If you have done remodeling, double check before you list your home that everything is in order. Otherwise, it will come out in the process which can slow and even halt progression.

3.       Ask before you buy!  Make sure to do your due diligence and call the city to request if a permit was pulled prior to the work being completed.

4.       Virtually no job is too small to be safe with. Any structural change to a home will likely need a permit even things like installing a window and replacing a shower.

The purpose of documentation is not to create a hassle, though it may feel that way. It is assurance for the municipal building department as well as for you, the homeowner, that things are safe and meet all applicable codes. 

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