Montana Health: Bozeman Montana Real Cares

It’s a Montana habit.
Out of my four closest male friends, three chew. Out the fire crew I worked on, everyone, with the exception of myself, had a dip in regularly. Snuff. This is not an issue limited to MT.

Dave Holt has come up with a counterbalance for the entrenched habit. It is snuff-like-stuff made from legume, honey, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and alfalfa! This alternative to smokeless tobacco was inspired by Holt’s own diagnosis with lymph gland cancer. After some hits and missing in the production phase, Holt’s business has now expanded to 70 distributors across five states.  We are certainly hoping this creates new jobs in our area, but we are alos proud of a local citizen trying to make a difference locally and nationally!

Next time someone close to you reaches for a can of dip think of trying something that is packed with protein and possible medical BENEFITS rather than the high possibility of medical ISSUES.  We would also love to know if any of you have helpful hints that you have used for quiting.  Sound off!!

Bozeman Montana Real cares for your health and well being.


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