Springtime Housing Trends

Montana is not only a state of changing seasonal weather patterns; it is also an area that marks the seasons by the adjusting real estate trends. As unpredictable as the market is, there are known patterns of surges and lulls that come at regular intervals.
“Sometimes those seasonal patterns are hard to see when longer-term trends (like plummeting housing prices) or one-off events (like the homebuyer tax credit) drive movements in prices, sales and other housing indicators. But seasonal patterns are there, even when they’re beneath the surface.” (http://pro.truliablog.com/tools-trends/market-trends-springtime-for-housing/)
Two notable trends that come every spring are as follows:
The frozen ground each winter (even with a winter as mild as we here in Bozeman have just experienced) marks a sharp decrease in the ability of construction workers to work effectively. Housing construction is no different.  

——Buyers Lead the Sellers
Although there is not a great drop in real estate movement in the winter months (in fact, this reduction is created by the agents, not the market. Agents feel the market slows and therefore it is when they tend to ‘rest’ and clients take their homes off the market. The reality is that there is a constant demand for real estate and with reduced supply in the winter, the market stays hot!) Inventory comes back each spring to meet the buyers demand.


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