Best Sushi In Bozeman Montana

(yes, here in Bozeman, MT the landlocked state...)
These past few months have brought great turbulence the Bozeman’s local grocery store scene. Safeway built an entirely new store and in stride with the competition, Smith’s got a facelift.  Both stores are now stunning and add a whole new level of class to the errand of grocery shopping.
Smith’s specifically has been great even through the reconstruction time. I avidly visit their store in order to keep my fridge full. High sales and what I can only imagine to be many late night hours for their workers allowed the process to finish swiftly and just this weekend when I went there I was met with a great surprise.
Smith’s (here in Bozeman Montana) sells freshly made sushi and gelato in addition their normal function as a grocery store!
Popular in Missoula’s Café Dolce, gelato has less of an audience here in Bozeman, but with a line that was a few families deep, I’d say it was not for the lack of demand and rather the lack of supply.
SUSHI: AFC Corp. Re-Vamps Traditional Takes on Sushi
“A sushi bar within a supermarket can increase customer traffic and become an attraction as your customers gather around to watch the chef skillfully make sushi. Chefs are present at the sushi bar every day to enable customers to place orders for party trays or request customized orders. The program allows the market to have the diversity of a sushi bar without the inconvenience of training, staffing and managing the sushi bar.
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