Cell Phones As A Real Estate Marketing Tool

What do clients look at in order to find the home they want to buy? A study found that: 
  • 78 percent viewed photos and videos of homes.
  • 66 percent requested additional information about a listing.
  • 60 percent used the devices to find listing details, price, property descriptions and amenities, and contact information. . 
  • 55 percent searched for homes by city.
  • 30 percent shared listing information with friends and family. 
57 percent used their mobile device to locate a house listing via a GPS
42 percent downloaded a home buying search app.
In order to maximize these percentages in my favor, I offer two downloadable aps that assist in the searching process.
“I LOVE this app...when we were looking for homes in the Bozeman area this app was so helpful!! Everything we needed to know about a house popped right up!! After we found the perfect house the agent at Bozeman Montana Real Estate.Net was very professional and attentive. Our entire experience was the best we have EVER had. 5++ stars!!!!

“If your searching for a new home this is a must have application. Drive by a home and enter the address and voila, all the information and photos!

“The time is now for agents and brokers to add mobile tools in their marketing mix to increase traffic and reach home shoppers right when they are actively engaged in their search process,” says Scott Dixon, president of NCI’s Real Estate Division.

Bozeman Montana Real Estate
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