Importance of Blogging

Blog posts are a unique and interesting form of marketing. The concept of the digital/visual/attention limited arena agents are marketing to is an idea that is a constant challenge of realtors and other businesses alike. Real-time web statistics, visitor tracking tools, and click rates give us such an overload of information that sometimes it is difficult to plan the next move.
Because of this, I have found a new way to measure my marketing success. The quality of leads that I obtain gives me a more accurate picture of how my marketing is doing. I make sure that everything that goes out online does the following in order to get back the highest quality leads.
  • Verify that my marketing portrays the most accurate personality that represents ME.
  • Educate potential clients on my passion, real estate.
  • Make myself approachable, easy to share word about my business to others, and make my online marketing memorable!
  • Consistency. I try to blog 5-6 times per week with a variety of localism, informational, or personal blogs.
What do you guys think of blogging? Is it ultimately useful in your business? 
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