Montanas' Wilderness Areas

Montanas’ Wilderness Areas

Our National forests are safe!  A federal appeals court recently ruled that there will be no roads on nearly 50 million acres of National Forests by upholding the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule.  The complete article can be found at the Bozeman Chronicle.

What does this mean to us here in Montana?  It affects all of us, and in a very positive way.  Our mountains are filled with areas that have trails and roads for motorized vehicle use.  Such as the Gravely Range in Madison Valley where the road runs for nearly 72 miles and accommodates vehicles, four wheelers, motor bikes as well as horses and foot traffic.  There are a multitude of trails and camp sites with easy access for public use.

We also have thousands of acres that are restricted to foot traffic or non-motorized access.  These areas are pristine, and beautiful.  They are a safe haven for wildlife and a get away point for many of us who live here.  For instance, the Lee Metcalf Wildernessarea located just 40 miles to the southwest of Bozeman where you can hike for days amongst towering pines and alpine lakes traveling from the Big Sky area to Yellowstone Park if you like.

I, for one, am grateful to those who protect these areas and preserve them for our use and for future generations.  If you would like to experience Big Sky Country, come on out!  Give me a call, I would be happy to help with maps and ideas for your vacation, and if you decide you would like to stay, I’m delighted to assist with your Bozeman real estateneeds.

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