Hometown Pride

Cat/Griz Rivalry
It was a sad, sad day on Saturday here in Bozeman Montana!  Our beloved Bobcats lost to our state rivals the Grizzlies in a football game that was nearly an embarrassment.  Heart sick would be a great term to describe our emotions for the day.  We actually went into the game number one in the nation and should have easily had this won, and maybe that was the problem, we were a bit cocky.
There are some wonderful things that came of this week though.  We banded together with great support for our team.  Here are a few of the activities throughout the week that did show home town pride:
“Can the Griz” food drive:  Both schools compete, with lofty goals of raising nearly 30,000 lbs of canned food for those who need the help this season!  The Bozeman Chronicle
printed an article that shows the past drives have been very successful.
3rd Annual SemiNude Run:  Just for fun, and tons of spirit!  It was only 25 degrees, and these brave fans came out in support.  (ok, don't know if this should be a proud moment, but definitely supporting fans)
                                                    Cat/Griz pep rally:
  Downtown annual event the night before this huge game.  What a        turn out, you would think the entire town showed up.

Everything in town turns blue and gold.  They sold 18,527 tickets, then offered another 750 standing room only tickets that sold in 10 seconds flat!  This is our town, this is a solid showing of how our community stands together and the pride we share in where we live.  We lost on Saturday, it was painful, but we are looking forward to watching our team in the play offs and continuing our support. If you would like to consider making Bozeman Montana your home, please call, we would love to show you around!

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