Bozeman Homes: Insurance Considerations

             Insurance Considerations

Buying a new home includes finding the proper insurance to go along with that.  You likely already have insurance for your auto, may have some life insurance, and possibly renters insurance, and the agent you are working with can help you with a quote for your new home as well.

If you are purchasing a condo, you will need insurance only on the interior of the unit.  Ask your real estate agent to provide you with a copy of the Condo CC&R’s and provide them to your insurance agent, this document will describe where your ownership begins and the associations ownership ends.  They can help you in tailoring a policy that will protect the inside of your home and your belongings with a deductible that is appropriate for you.

If you are purchasing a single family home, then the entire home is your responsibility.  Your insurance agent can check to see if there have been previous claims filed to ensure you are not missing anything in your home inspections.  He will also check to see if the home lies in the flood plain and may require additional insurance.  The agent will help you in determining an appropriate deductible again, and will make sure you have enough coverage to replace your home should the unthinkable happen.
For buyers of Bozeman Montana homes, we have some great news with regards to your insurance rates.   The National Insurances Services Office has upgraded our insurance rating from a five to a three due to the addition of a new fire station. Our homeowners can expect a 5 to 10% discount for the upgrade. Call your insurance agent to see if your policy qualifies for the discount.

If you are wanting to look at a new home in the Bozeman area, please call or email.  We would be delighted to guide you towards home ownership!

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