You’ve Bought Your Home, Now What? GETTING TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS

Moving is a public spectacle. You pull a large moving truck into a driveway and spend the next hours, days, weeks grunting, maneuvering and hauling your material objects into your new house that is soon to become your home.

Those first few days are ideal for having a quick break to take the initiative and introduce yourself to those who live nearby. Breaking the initial barrier will help prevent any awkwardness in the future when you see him/her. Knowing those who live nearby will increase your sense of safety and it strengthens your sense of belonging within a shared community. In fact, research by the Young Foundation and others has found that that wellbeing is higher amongst people who have regular contact with their neighbors and that knowing people in their local area, even if it is just to say hello can have a big impact how secure and happy we feel about where we live.
From there, it gets more specific as far as what type of family/person you are.
If you… Have Pets

Pick up after your pet. Leash your pet until you know more about the other pets in the area. Practice basic animal/owner manners and you many find a best friend for your best friend.
If you… Are Social
Spend time in your front yard by creating a living outdoor living space. Gardening, sipping drinks on the front porch or playing a yard sport all give the impression that you are accessible as a neighbor.
If you… Have Kids
Setting up play dates with a family is a great start to building a quality relationship for those days when things do not work in your favor and you need a hand.

Wave. Smile. Engage to whatever extent you feel comfortable. Welcome Home.


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