3 Rules for Turning Stress into Success

I recently read an article on Success.com that I thought was really good and wanted to share.  It was called 3 Rules for Turning Stress into Success.  I have summarized Denis Waitley ideas and suggestions to becoming a more successful person below.

  • Accept the unchangeable.  You can’t change the past, it’s just a waste of time and energy lamenting over it.
  • Action idea to help you accept the unchangeable.  Write past things that bother you then destroy the paper.
  • Change the changeable. You are the only one that can change you, so change your reaction to others actions.  Focus instead on desired results instead of negative results.  You control your thoughts and actions, if you act immediately by reflex (a subconscious habit), you don’t give reason the opportunity to compete with your emotions.
  • Action idea to help change the changeable.  Write down one thing you will do to help you relax more during and after a stressful day.
  • Avoid the unacceptable.  Make a point to avoid or remove yourself from intolerable or perilous behaviors and environments.
  • Action idea to help avoid the unacceptable.  Avoid one unacceptable habit you or others have, starting tomorrow.

“A little stress is good, too much stress is bad, and understanding it can be everything.  Learn about the upside to stress, and how you can harness everyday anxiety.”  - Great advice!


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