Branding Promise :HOMES: Your Dream. Our Passion.

The first week of fall brings with it the tiding of change. Each morning, Bozemanites are reminded that it is time to start changing over the tires, wintering the pipes and gathering the fire wood. The change means something unique to us here at Bozeman Montana Real In an effort on continually improve and adapt to the world of branding and marketing, we adopted a new business promise.
Our prior team promise was 'Team Service Above Expectation.'
The team-centric focus of our office certainly makes that statement true no matter was clients’ expectations are. Our model allows for not one, but three people to be there working for you at all times to there can be constant communication, availability and an extraordinary level of thoroughness to your transaction. But do you get all that in a glance at the phrase? While we do offer a unique, boutique style of real estate, it is something best to be experienced, not told about. With that in mine, we switched gears.
We sought for a promise that was genuine but not based upon the tenants of service, quality or pricing as those are necessities for a successful real estate office, not additional luxuries. We came up with a promise that hits at the core of what we do and why we do it.
Buying and selling a home is a life altering event. Many people think about it and dream about it for more than a passing moment prior to committing. Representing those who are buying and selling a home entails a checklist of processes that need to happen to ensure a clean transaction. With our new promise, Bozeman Montana Real is expressing that our agents do not want to merely check each step off for you. Real estate is our agent's PASSION. They want to navigate, negotiate, communicate and incorporate your dream into the reality of the market so it can become your reality.


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