TREND SPOTTER: One Eye On The Market, One Eye On Design Trends

The recent recession sparked a move to create smaller, more modest, and more efficient kitchen and bathroom spaces within their homes. With the real estate market on the mend, people want more out of their homes. Architects are reporting home owners are expressing the desire to have larger kitchens once more (many even are looking for multiple kitchen spaces) and more bathrooms.
“We are not seeing the same level of demand for larger and additional kitchens and bathrooms as we saw during the peak of the housing market, but there has been a shift away from downsizing those rooms that has taken place over the last two years,” says AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker. (


Specifically within the kitchen, much of the extra space desired is put to use in nuance, functional ways that have risen in popularity in the last decade. Recycling centers, recharging docks for electronics and the integration of the living and food preparation space are all the top listings dream home features. Design-wise, stylish sustainability sweeps the floor. Bamboo and cork for cabinet and flooring and concrete countertops are becoming the standard rather than the exception. 


Similar to kitchen features, water conserving toilets, radiant heated floors, doorless showers, LED lighting, and other more sustainable nuts and bolts are setting a new standard in bathroom design. But keep in mind, the size and number of bathrooms/home is on the rise so delegate budgeting appropriately.
With new construction on the rise, these are the trends real estate professionals and builders alike need to pay attention to. IF YOU ARE A CONSUMER, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN YOUR HOME?


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