Gallatin Valley 2013 Market Summary

The Gallatin Valley is a good place to be a Realtor. This is a general statement that I feel is always true but with today’s numbers and improvements, it is statistically a valid point to be re-iterated .
2012 brought a wave of recovery. Single-family homes and townhouses/condos have seen dramatic improvements in their days on the market as well as in their median sales price. Closed sales are up by 11%. In a direct comparison from Oct. 2011 to Oct. 2012, the final indicator of a more vibrant real estate market here in the Gallatin Valley is that of new single family housing permits increasing from 10 to 32. Below are the numbers charted out. It is always a fulfilling thing to be a Realtor in the Gallatin Valley, but today, today is a particular special day.


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