Top Producing Agent Habits

This is a nice and (I think fun) checklist that can be used as a self assessment to see whatareas need some work and which I am doing well in!
  • Prioritize: Journalist’s deadlines, lawyer’s legal jargon, and an athlete’s energy are all needed for the job of a realtor. Knowing exactly what needs to be done each day is a MUST. The more transactions in the fire, the more on your toes you need to be. Balance big income boosters with the less monetary beneficial side of managing an office, marketing, and staying involved.
  • Minimalist: Remove as many distractions as possible in order to enhance focus on one thing. Phone, emails, clients, appointments, and other agents are your constants. Beyond that, try to keep distractions at bay.
  • Affirm: It is easy to get worn down, grow weary, and flat out feel pretty low about you when deals do not come to fruition. Positive self affirmations will do wonders to making sure your top priority is at its prime—you.
  • Know Oneself: Sleep some, work when you are productive, and TAKE A BREAK when you are not. Everyone needs breathers and yes, I know putting things down is the biggest challenge of my life. In addition, surround yourself with people who inspire you and know when you need some weight taken off your shoulders. Keep healthy.
  • Goals: Daily, weekly, monthly—if you see it, it will happen (one way or another). Use calendars, sync them, make notes, and anything you need to do to keep on top of your game.
  • No Ruts!: Many people like routine and are afraid/nervous/too comfortable with how things are to shake them up. This sucks imagination, creativity, and ultimately they dry the motivation of agents out. So keep things fresh, think of news ways to wow clients, and have fun with it! 
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