Nine Deadly Selling Sins

Fix your listings repairs that have been on the to-do list for ages. Money will be lost if major repairs are not remedied prior to going on the market.
“Clutter eats equity and kills deals?

There is a balance to clutter and vast emptiness. You do not want either. An empty house echoes, showing every flaw, and lacks the ‘homey’ vibe that can pull a buyer into an offer.
Overpricing is as detrimental as under pricing. The listing price an agent chooses is not arbitrary. The listing will get appraised and the price is required to align with its appraisal. A client’s gut feeling does matter, but comparables and the current market plays a larger role. Make sure your realtor explains this.
A listing is a showplace. Buyers purchase with their heads but get sold with their hearts. Amplify your listing by enhancing it with minor-to-major staging.
Remaining level headed through the entire selling process is a challenge. Maintain your status of upper hand by not allowing your ego to get in the way while negotiating. If your ego carries you away, what could have been a win-win could result in a win-lose with you on the wrong end.
Tell your agent everything upfront. Big money can be lost by not disclosing details. Your agent has your interest in mind and won’t share anything they feel is not necessary, but that is their call—not the clients.
Educate yourself on taxes regarding the selling of your listing. Taxes, deadlines, and the local real estate market are all things you should take the time to familiarize yourself with.
The value of an agent is priceless. They are your double check every step of the way through a transaction. Trying to sell your home on your own is sheer madness. If the stress doesn’t drive you crazy, the fact that for sale by owner deals result in a lower price point than if an individual had hired and paid an agent. 

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