New Year's Resolution: GET IT LISTED!

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Think you can’t list your home in winter?  Think again!  According to a 2 year nationwide analysis study done by Redfin researchers, February is the best month to list your home.  (Click here for more.)  Why?  Here is what researchers say: 
·  There’s less competition for sellers.  People tend to wait until spring to list which creates a smaller inventory during winter months
·  Most people are not “window shopping” in the winter.  Winter shoppers are serious shoppers increasing odds of getting an offer on YOUR listing!
·  Many large corporations transfer/relocate employees and/or new hires early in the year.  This creates motivated purchasers!

Have you been thinking of selling?  Maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to GET IT LISTED BY FEBRUARY!  Here are a few tips for selling your house fast in winter months: 
·  PAINT IT.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in changing the mood of a room.  Pick fairly neutral color that compliments your decor. 
·  ARRANGE FURNITURE so that your home’s greatest features are HIGH-LIGHTED.  Do you have a really great fireplace?  Arrange furniture around it making it the focal point.   On the other hand, are your rooms small?  Remove some furniture (rent a storage unit or store it in a friend’s basement) to make the space feel larger.
·  TURN UP THE THERMOSTAT.  Nothing says “don’t buy me” like a frigid space.  This is just as important if your home is vacant.  People will be willing to spend more time walking through your home if it isn’t freezing them out.
·  SCOOP THE SNOW.  If you live in an area where there’s snow and/or ice on the ground for most of the winter, take the time to clear walkways and driveways so that potential buyers have a clean path to your front door.  (Plus, safety should be a chief concern for you.)
·   PRICE IT RIGHT!!  This may be the most important tip for selling a home.  (ANY time of year.)  An experienced realtor can help you with this.  Some factors to consider are sale prices for nearby homes that have sold in the last couple of months, prices for similar homes currently on the market, and the difference between list prices and sale prices on homes which have recently sold.  Don’t be afraid to interview realtors before choosing one.  The difference between a knowledgeable, experienced realtor and an inexperienced one can make or break you.

Listing my home, listing my home for sale, selling my house, selling my house fast, tips for selling my house

With the New Year just days away many of us are considering what we want to accomplish in 2015.  Maybe selling YOUR house is on that list.  If so- don’t be afraid to get it marked off during cold, winter months!  You might just be pleasantly surprised!


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