Better Listings: Bozeman Montana Real's Approach to Selling

The 2013 Stats are out! The Bozeman Montana Real Team boasted:
  • ·         ~$40.5 Million Moved in 2013
  • ·         136 Transactions Closed in 2013
  • ·         98 Buyers Purchased Home with Bozeman Montana Real in 2013
  • ·         We Have 3,500 Active Buyers in a Maintained and Groomed Database
  • ·         We Are Bozeman Relocation Experts with 95% of Leads Coming From Online
  • ·         We facilitated our largest Commercial real estate transaction: Bozeman’s Wasabi!

This year, our Thinking Outside of the Box Approach allowed us to have a more dynamite year than ever before! Whether this is your first time selling a home, or if you are seasoned at accomplishing real estate goals, our team is here to offer the most professional, most secure, and most profitable real estate transactions possible. We take pride in what we do – and it shows!

...Better Listings...

In addition to individual websites, we go above the average expectation. You see, almost every agent can say that your home will be listed on nationwide sites such as Trulia, Zillow, and but what not all of them can say is that we heavily invest in the extended “Pro” accounts to get your listing featured in searches with added enhancements to the listing and photos-even better exposure.


To the Buyer, your home’s first impression begins with its photos. More than ever, the quality of the home’s photos can literally make the difference of selling a home or not, and we understand the importance of getting what the Buyers are looking for photographed correctly – the first time. We are constantly updating photos as needed, which attracts more views, and gains better placement on the web.


Our clients are relaxed, and don’t wonder what’s happening with their transactions because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will be the first to know when something happens during their transaction. During the listing process before an offer, clients are updated with feedback to showings, and have the ability to sign into their personal listing accounts to review statistics as they are happening online – anytime.


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