Online Marketing: How to Engage Clients.. not Scare Them Away

I get personal ~35 emails on an average day. This is not inclusive of spam which my niffty email sifts (correctly or incorrectly out). I image I am not alone in this. 

The challenge for most agents is that “they are playing the wrong game.” They’re either focused on the technology or on the listing and price updates. While these may be interesting, they are not conversation starters. - See more at:

For years, marketing personnel were taught to have calls to action, a quick capture phrase with contact info, everywhere. Everyone got so good at this method that now, consumers ignore the catchy call to action and look for something more. In this new age of marketing, it is now a challenge to create content that creates calls to conversation, not calls to action. A call to converse is a personal and engaging approach that is timely and individualized to each connection. Treating consumers like friends instead of figures allows for this transition to happen naturally. In fact, Bozeman Montana Real has done this approach for some time and found that as far as real estate goes, the call to actions were never the right niche because housing decisions are not made on the spot like that. They take nurturing and genuine connections.

How we adapt this call to conversation into our marketing structure:

1. Events. We include our clients in our lives. For example, this weekend boasted MSU's homecoming. We participated in the parade and invited the children and families of clients to walk with us. As a team we go out caroling in the winter and deliver goodie baskets. We welcome those who have contributed to our office to contribute to our on-going life. BBBS Bowl For Kid's Sake was also this weekend and we reached out letting people know what we were doing asking for sponsors. Many people we knew where also participating. These are all calls to converse.

2. Promos. This may facially sound a little 'call to actionesque' but our promos are not solicitous. We have ongoing relations with our local Gallatin Valley Mall and currently, we are offering free pumpkins to our clients as well as an affiliated Halloween Decorating Contest. We touch our clients without being in their face about real estate because we are so much more than a real estate office.

3. We are actually our clients’ friends!  Finally, after spending so much time with clients, they grow on us. We naturally find we host, sponsor, and promote our database because we really like those we work with!

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