My First Day In Real Estate: First Impressions and Thoughts

When my family decided it was financially better for my parents to buy a condo for my brother and I while we attended MSU, we chose Bozeman Montana Real Estate .net to help us with our purchase. I’ve always had an interest in homes; the building, as well as the decoration. Soon I found that architecture had way too much math for my mind to enjoy, but the designing of a house I was good at. I grew up surrounded by realtors, so I was never intimidated by their big words and confident attitudes, as some people may be. So, when we poked around Bozeman for a condo, I spoke my mind and told them my opinion (the only opinion).

As soon as we found exactly what I wanted, or what my parents wanted, we had to go sign papers at the Bozeman Montana Real Estate .net office. In the ten minutes we were there, I met a few people like me. People who functioned and worked the same as I do. People who shared the same tastes and interests as me.

When they called me a few months later to ask me to interview with them for a receptionist job, I was so stoked, I couldn’t believe it.

When we finalized the job, and I started my first day, they were so kind and excited with my transition. Sure, I don’t know the lingo or the do’s and don’ts. Sometimes I don’t even know what they’re saying. But these great people don’t make me feel dumb or nervous when they explain things. They are patient and so trusting. I was their family immediately, as well as their shiny new toy. Now I can see if real estate would be something I would like to make a career in a way that not many people get to. It’s like I get to see if I like the Army before I sign up! I’m super excited to be involved with Bozeman Montana Real Estate .net and I’m so blessed in the fact that they want to be involved with me.


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