Moving Past The ‘You Look So Young’ Age Stigma

Generation Y and Real Estate
Generation Y has taught the world a few lessons that are usable in real estate across the spectrum of clients. Having an office full of agents and staff under the age of 45, we are a fast, adaptive office which, even in our technologically drive market, have certainly used the youth of the office to cater to first time home buyers through to retirement home buyers. The methods that appeal to both generations are the same:
  • Response Time: The texting/email crazed society we now live it reaches up all the way to those who do not practice the technology in the form of still wanting fast reaction times on follow-ups, leads, and appointment setting.
  • Data: Google searching has brought with it much useless knowledge and even more time wasting tid bits of information scattered like bread crumbs about, but it has also introduced a respect for pure data that is not bias to age. Knowing the area stats in each micro environment which a Realtor works is vital for you to be taken seriously by any client.
  • Hyper-Attentive to Personal Needs: People know what they want. That is that. The problem we face as real estate professionals is to find out just what that is. Whether it be for a newly built central location, or a separated country home, the details in what a person wants are cross-generational too. Picking up on the subtleties is a must.
Generation Y came with a supposed whole new set of rules to follow. I say the rules stay the same because, at the end of the day, all clients are looking for is a good is service specialized to them so that the home buying or home selling process may be done with respect and relative simplicity.


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