Land investment is a unique arena to initiate an investment in. A buyer does not physicallysee the home, second home, or vacation home that is to be built so the satisfaction is not as tangible as in a home purchase. Here is a checklist to assist you in the purchasing of ‘dirt.’
Documents to be checked in land purchase
  • The title deed (a legal document proving a person's right to the property).
  • The encumbrance certificate (which proves that the land is not under some sort of legal dispute).
  • The release certificate (in case the land was previously pledged to someone else).
  • The surveyor's report (to establish its exact dimensions ).
  • If the owner is an NRI, the power of attorney that gives his representative the legal rights to act on the NRI's behalf.
Things to Keep in Mind
  • The land by be under some form of litigation or earmarked for a government project. Be sure you know what attachments the land has prior to investing.
  • Water/Power Supply sources may be lacking. If they are, make sure you know the easiest way to nullify this issue prior to finalizing the purchase.
  • Overall profitability is the endgame number. If the land is in a highly desired area and what you plan to build will only increase the value, well that is the perfect situation. Make sure, if there are other lots around you that there are certain minimum requirements to build. (if you build a beautiful custom home and get two trailers on either side, the value of your home will plummet)
In the end, buying dirt is a rewarding endeavor because you see the process of something coming from nothing. To check out LAND FOR SALE IN MONTANA, click the pictures below. 
Lot 4 Sioux Bozeman Land For Sale Manhattan Montana Land for Sale
Bozeman Montana Real Estate

Bozeman Montana Real EstateBozeman Montana Real EstateBozeman Montana Real EstateBozeman Montana Real EstateBozeman Montana Real EstateBozeman Montana Real Estate  Bozeman Montana Real Estate


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