The Modern Role of a Realtor

The internet is a powerful marketing tool.
In one scenario a former CEO of self listed his 2,000 sq. ft. New York Condo through his own personal classified and FSBO sites. After six months to no avail, he decided to hire a New York broker who advised a price change, attracting multiple offers, and closing for $150,000 OVER the original asking price! The listing sold for $2.15 million. 
The internet is a powerful marketing tool. So what is the modern role of a realtor? 
Stories like the above testament validate the challenges and struggles realtors go throw behind the scenes. Realtors are experts at buying and selling residential and/or commercial properties, land, and second homes. They orchestrate appraisals, analyze market conditions, and play therapist as agents negotiate the real estate world. 
“The founder’s dilemma is one we see quite often and is not unusual. Trying to sell your own property yourself or using a discount brokerage, is not the solution for everyone. Unusual properties, properties in the higher price range, these are more difficult to sell and often require specialization.”
We are specialists. We are professionals. We are the most powerful marketing tool

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