Best Practices: Embrace Technology

Embrace Technology!Embrace Technology

I have to say, a good part of my business is the young active crowd that do not do a lot with the telephone.  They text, they email, and they want the information at their fingertips, which frequently leaves me feeling tied to my phone!  While most of you would say that we are behind in Montana (and we like to think we have a slower pace, but are truly not slower), we in Bozeman are among the cutting edge for attracting techies to the area with firms like Right Now Technology and Zoot Enterprises!

With that said, I needed to find a better system of delivering the information to them than a text message when they drove past a listing that they loved, even if it wasn’t mine.   I would frequently not be able to answer immediately, and then sending the information via text is cumbersome at best.

I am now proud to be able to say…. There’s an app for that!!
Cell phone app
Whether you are an Android user or an Iphone user, these downloadable apps provide all the information they need, including interior photos, at their fingertips just by entering the address they just drove by.  The best thing, it also provides my contact information alongside it.  This has changed my business dramatically.  I am able to focus on the clients or activity at hand, and know that the clients out driving around have the information they need in their home search!

Check it out, you can scan the QR code here to you phone to download the app:
Android:                                                                  IPhone:       
Iphone app for Bozeman Homes for Sale
 Android App for Bozeman Homes for Sale        
Or, just go to

Happy hunting!

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