A Few of Our Favorite Places

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Bozeman is a beautiful place full of culture, arts, recreation, and people who LOVE our great state of Montana.  It's location is perfect for anyone who enjoys vast mountain views, hiking, skiing, wildlife, white water rafting, hunting, fishing.... you probably get the point.  It is just 50 miles north of Big Sky, 90 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, and surrounded by a multitude of other national forests.  Although Bozeman, itself, has a very small population of just over 37,000 the entire Gallatin Valley has just over 95,000 residents spread out over a 2,632 square mile area.  This creates a small town feel while offering every amenity one could hope for.

One of the attributes which contributes to our small town charm is our multitude of thriving local businesses.  Do we have major chain businesses?  You bet.  Starbucks?  Yep.  Home Depot?  Yep.  Walmart?  Yep.  What makes our little slice of heaven unique is that while we certainly have our pick of these large corporate storefronts, we still manage to support our local businesses.  In fact, we take great pride in our many thriving local businesses!  With that in mind, here is a list of just a few of our very favorite local and nearby places based on an inter-office poll.
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DAVE'S SUSHI  You might be surprised to find great sushi in Montana, but that's what Dave's Sushi offers - GREAT Sushi.  As described on their website, "Dave made a joke that he needed to start a sushi restaurant to feed his own addition."  That's just what he did.  We love Dave's Sushi for its laid back atmosphere, great wine selection, and outside patio dining area.
BOZEMAN OIL & VINEGAR  If you ever have the chance to taste high quality vinegars and oils then you know there is a distinct difference in flavor.  Bozeman Oil & Vinegar is a locally owned business whose focus is on integrity and quality.  If you are ever in the area, you have to stop in.  You won't regret it!
LUXE  You haven't experienced anything like this.  Luxe combines delicious cupcakes with top-shelf spirits for a unique dessert that you are sure to love.  No, you cannot become intoxicated by eating these tasty morsels.  There is NO alcohol in their products.  The alcohol is completely distilled out of the spirits so that you are left with just flavor.  Some of their combinations wouldn't surprise you - The Pina Colada (pineapple and rum cake topped with coconut cream cheese frosting), or the La Margarita (lime and orange cake topped with a tequila and lime buttercream frosting), for instance.  Some just might surprise you, and delightfully so!  How about the Southern Gentleman (Jim Beam® infused in cake and frosting, topped with candied bacon)?  It happens to be our favorite.
THE SACAJAWEA HOTEL  Located in Three Forks, MT, the Sacajawea Hotel was built in 1910 by Mr. John Q. Adams.  For those unfamiliar with Three Forks, it sits along the Lewis and Clark Trail and is home to the Missouri River Headwaters - which is where Sacajawea was reunited with her brother.  It is a BEAUTIFUL establishment rich with history which still operates as a hotel.  Locals frequent the hotel for its good food, live music, and dancing.  In fact, The Sac Bar has one of the best filet's we have ever had the pleasure of eating.  It's worth the 30 minute drive to get there

OUTWEST FURNITURE  Outwest Furniture refers to itself as "The Little Warehouse with Huge Savings".  It's SO much more than this, though.  Their philosophy is to "provide quality furniture at a discounted price in a friendly, honest, and no pressure atmosphere".  What WE love most about this little gem is that they sell very affordable new furniture, but also custom furniture, and antique furniture.  You never know what you will find here!  They sell some of the most unique furniture in the area.  As you'll read on their website, it's "handmade by both local artists and the Amish from materials like reclaimed barn wood, steam-bent hickory, blue pine, distressed alder, and steel to name a few."
If you ever have the pleasure of visiting our picture-perfect little community make it a priority to peruse our local businesses.  You'll see why we love and support them so.


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