Is Your Listing a Hard Sell?

I recently read an article in RealtorMag that made some strong points for not overselling your real estate listing.  I’ve been in this business for a lot of years so I’ve seen a LOT of homes.  One of the very first lessons I learned was to not over-sell a listing.  I am giving my client the best, most professional service as a real estate agent by being completely honest with them about their property.  Sugar-coating it won’t gain my client anything but heart-ache and money in the long run.
Here are some of the great points made in the article:
  1. Never Fake Perfection. Sellers are typically obligated to disclose known defects. Additionally, as a realtor, I am obliged to follow a Code of Ethics requiring that the “true picture” of a home be presented in advertising.  I can’t and won’t Photoshop cosmetic flaws out of listing photos.  If a seller doesn’t want them to show up in the listing photos, then they need to be fixed.  Creating a false expectation for potential buyers will hurt the seller in the end.
  2. Show, Don’t Tell. Sometimes it’s really beneficial for sellers to tour other comparable homes in their market so they can compare features and pricing.  (Be sure to let the listing agents know what you are doing as a courtesy.)  After touring the other listingssellers should walk into their own home and try to look at it as if they are seeing it for the first time.  What might they want to change if they were potential buyers?
  3. Be Direct. I am always direct and honest in the most diplomatic way possible.  I work hard for results.  After all, my clients’ success means my own success.  Along the 
  4. town-sign-749613_1280way I will offer my professional advice and market the listing the best way I can.  If I could convey one message to my home seller clients, it would be that I am always working FOR you.  My suggestions and advice are never intended to create hard feelings.  They are always intended to help sell your listing.  When I am being direct and honest with you, I am giving you the service you deserve from a real estate agent.


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