Don't Need a Realtor?

2136953043_e9d620963f_bYou can sell your home without a realtor.  People do it every day.  The real question is, how quickly can you sell your home without a realtor?  Sure, you can spruce it up, de-clutter, deep clean, and take some photos - so why NOT sell it 'For Sale By Owner'?  Selling a home is a BIG chore.  Do you have the knowledge and time required to sell your own home?  It can be quite overwhelming.  Here are just 10 tasks to consider before you leap:
Price your home to sell.
Put your home on the market.
Advertise your home.2136953861_1b91ecbba2_b
Schedule appointments to show your home.
Negotiate terms of sale.
Draft a contract.
Find a new home with wanted features.
Order title search.
Conduct final walk-throughs.
Coordinate closing with lender and title company.
This list certainly doesn't represent ALL tasks involved in selling and buying  a home.  Most of us are too busy with day to day life to take on the burden of selling and/or buying a home.  And, really, whether you have the time or not, the expert knowledge of a great realtor will simply make your life easier.


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