Relocating? Read This...

Moving, in and of itself, can be overwhelming.  Add to that the challenge of adapting to a new city or neighborhood and you may end up questioning your own sanity.  Relocating doesn't have to be so unsettling, though.  A little research and investigation can help you make the transition much less stressful.  
Ask yourself which amenities are your priority.  What is within walking and/or driving distance?  What type of local transit is available?  How do the local schools rate? moving to a home in a new neighborhood and are able to simply drive across your city to check it out, then investigating the area is relatively simple.  Visit the local grocery stores, a hair salon, or even a local restaurant for a conversation with the locals.  If you are moving cross-country this, of course, can pose a bigger challenge.  Luckily, we live in an age of information technology making recon-work a matter of tapping your fingers.  
Here are just a few apps/websites that may be helpful in your pursuit:
Yelp - Yelp helps you find anything from food to health care.  All you have to do is enter your general location or specific address and Yelp shows you businesses and services nearby.
Nextdoor - Nextdoor is a private social network for neighborhoods.  It's a great way for neighbors to share information like a recommended babysitter or painter, lost pets, and organizing a neighborhood watch.
Homefacts -  Homefacts offers detailed property and neighborhood information about schools, crime, and demographics.
BuyLocal -  BuyLocal helps you find the best local shopping, dining, events and services.  
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