It's the first snow of the season!  Do you see those white-capped peaks?  It's a sight for sore eyes here in Bozeman isn't it?  Snow means the start of winter weather tourism in our area but what does it mean for the local real estate industry?
In general, people tend to cringe at the thought of trying to sell a home during winter months.  The notion that winter listings won't sell, however, is simply misconceived.  According to findings published by Redfin, winter listings are MORE likely to sell than those listed in other seasons, sell 1 WEEK FASTER, and bring a higher dollar amount.  Here's their metrics by listing season:
Surprised?  Consider these two facts:  1.  Lower Inventory.  There are typically far fewer listings to choose from in the winter.  You have less competition as a seller!  2.  Motivated Buyers.  Winter shoppers tend to be serious shoppers.  There's no denying the fact that it's easier to pack and move without snow and freezing temps to contend with.  On a national level, generally folks who are moving in winter months are doing it because they have to.
Here in Gallatin Valley, we have the unique benefit of being a winter vacation destination.  This little golden nugget improves your odds of selling in winter months even more!
So we, at Bozeman Montana Real Estate .net, welcome our first snow!  Not just because we love to play in it, but because it means winter months are on the way and we want to help you sell your home.
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