5 Reasons to Hire Michelle Haverstick, Your Real Estate Agent

My Promise
Your happiness is far more important than any sale.
Michelle harbors a vast amount of knowledge in real estate, inspections and finance. This diversity allows her to see a larger picture beyond the scope of real estate alone.
Having   been inside countless homes, Michelle developed an insight into what buyers are drawn to and what seller can do to accommodate for those needs. Trends shifts and change over time. 
The regularity of Michelle’s interaction with the market allow her to see the patterns. 
Authenticity, realistic expectations, and a no-nonsense approach are all refreshing traits that Michelle brings to every transaction. Real estate can get messy and convoluted but her ability to filter out the excess information from the necessary facts is uncanny. 
Team Involvement
Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net offers a transaction managermarketing director all in addition to a seasoned sales associate. Hiring three people instead of one gives all clients added security and attentiveness. 


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