HRDC "We Believe Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Call Home"

“HRDC is a non-profit community action agency dedicated to strengthening the community through innovation and leadership in the areas of Housing, Food & Nutrition, Child & Youth Development, Senior Empowerment, Community Transportation, Home Heating–Energy–Safety, and Community Development.”  -

Housing is the overlap Bozeman Montana Real Estate has with the local HDRC. A strong tenant on which the non-profit is built is the ability to find affordable housing. The HDRC's housing initiative covers everything from homeownership to helping the homeless. This includes but is not limited to: emergency shelter, transitional housing, affordable rentals, rental subsidies, down payment assistance, or home buyers education and counseling, and  foreclosure prevention.  HRDC incorporates its community development and strategic planning initiatives into a housing strategy to meet both the needs of the community and our customers.

  • Down Payment Assistance: One-on-one homeownership counseling is available for those looking to enter the real estate market by covering a barrage of circumstances determined by:  household eligibility, financing eligibility and real estate eligibility. LEARN MORE  
  • Home-buyer Education:  If you are asking yourself questions like ‘am I ready to buy a home?’ or ‘what are the benefits of owning a home?’ then perhaps your next step is to register and learn through an eight hour course provided by the HRDC. The course is open to everyone and free of charge. Space is limited, so pre-registration and refundable deposits are required. LEARN MORE
If you are interested in registering for a First Time Home Buyer course here in Bozeman, register here. If you sign up for the April 5th date, I will see you there! 


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