Real Estate Agent Teams: The Fastest Growing Model in the Industry

There is a new business dynamic sweeping real estate companies. It is a business model Bozeman Montana Real has been embracing for three years now and it has served us well.

Why is a Team is Appealing:
What a transaction entails: oodles of paperwork, countless hours of showing requests needing coordination, inspection meetings, ongoing and persistent and aggressive marketing, client-agent meetings, MLS modifications, phone and internet constant communication... ect.

  • Perception of an Agent Working on a Team: By entering the team atmosphere, you gain something valuable: money on marketing, a pool of leads, and/or rent-free office space. This comes at the cost of most of your office's marketing going to the whole office so standing out is a challenge. Additionally, the commission splits supporting the team mechanism go to supporting the team. It really matters who is running the team. Their personality including their strengthens and weaknesses will seep into the team structure unless they combat it by surrounding themselves with those to compensate and compliment those aspects.

One Side: “Problem is, managing people is difficult and creating a team that can generate enough business to keep everyone satisfied and motivated is not easy.” Read more:

The Other Side: I think it depends a lot on your experience because starting out in real estate I would've quit after a week if I didn't have the support of my team. Read more

  • Perception of the Client Using a Team: The team idea is hard to market so that the client is not shocked of feels mislead when they choose your office to work with. Many clients will choose to work with a prominent agent in their area and feel deceived when most of their transaction is handled by the others in the office. Communications are fragile and may overlap if a client is in regular contact with both the team leader and the person handling the transaction. At the same time, if the system in consistent, rigorous and driven, the result can be a flawless experience for the client and the agency excel as a company. (Source)


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