When Selling A Home: Where Emotion Fits

Likelihood is that your house’s value is not in alignment to your perspective of what your home value is. A house’s value comes from the similar market comparables (CMA’s) that have sold recently around your home. Have a Realtor do the heavy lifting for you by putting together a CMA. Get a wide number of opinions from a large number of Realtors before you decide on a listing price. Try, as hard as it may be, to view the selling of your home as a business decision.
“Leaving a home can be very emotional,” Cullinane, retirement expert and author of “The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life” says. Yet, she adds, when we need to sell a home in a down market, we need to understand the obstacles and the behavioral economic factors so we can cut the emotional ties. “We’re much more emotional, like Homer Simpson in our thinking, rather than logical like Spock from ‘Star Trek. When it comes time to sell our home, it helps if we are aware of these factors and how we think.”
So What Can You, As A Seller Do?

  • Understand selling a home is emotional and counteract the feeling of loss by focusing on the gain to come as you move into a new home, new environment, and new life.  
  • Find a real estate office with the best statistics. Here at Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net we sell our listings for 97% of listed price compared to the average 91% in the area.
  • Finally, look for offices that offer personality and personal assistance throughout the selling process. This is a transition, but that does not mean it needs to be jolting.
  • Learn more by starting your selling journey with a meeting here at Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net or give a call [406.556.7188] if you have any questions on where you stand and what your next move should be.


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