Preventing I.D. Theft In Today's Technical World

 Five quick tips:
  • No Freebies: Do Not Grab Free Wi-Fi
I know it is tempting to grasp onto freebees, but when it comes to online keep your online access points safe and try to only use password protected routers. Having auto connection options on a phone/laptop/pad is great for convenience but not so much when it comes to security. Auto connections have security risks AND can be prosecutable in some areas as a theft of bandwidth.
  • Be Careful and Original With Passwords
In order to keep track of passwords, there are high levels of encrypted aps you can get, but most professionals recommend good old fashion paper and pen.  Change passwords often, make them creative, and a little confusing.
  • Waving Cards
Another modern handy tool is the ability to ‘wave’ a card and have the magnetic strip on it run as if you were swiping it. This RFID technology can be accessible by its intended user or by anyone who has access to a machine that reads such signals. RFID technology is also found within many passports today so be wary when you are waving your protected information about.
  • Phones Need Protection Too
Anti-virus is a must on any computer but many phones to not have the same standard of protection. Look into what your provider recommends for your phone, but get it protected just as you would a laptop/desktop/ect.
  • Check Your Credit Health A free annual check-up for your money. Just like you do your health, surface indications are not always inclusive of what is going on deeper. Use a doctor for physical health and use a credit report for credit health.
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