Marketing your home in the Winter

Winter Sales Tips
Need to sell your home during the winter months?  Don’t despair.  I know there are many real estate agents that suggest giving a listing some rest during the short winter days, but here’s what it could mean for your listing:
    If staged right on the outside, it can stand out amongst other homes that look drab and dreary
     There are fewer homes on the market to compete with yours (all the others just took a break)
           Buyers who trudge out to look at home during the winter are usually serious buyers, it isn’t a past time like it can be during the summer. 

If you are considering listing through the winter, here are some tips to help make yours stand out!
Make sure your photos show the winter months, they might highlight your garden during the summer, but your photos need to reflect the correct time of year.

Turn all your lights on for showings, it is darker out earlier, and usually a bit drab, don’t use energy efficient bulbs (for just a little while here), brighten up your home with all them lamps you can muster, and make sure the darkened
             closets have their lights on as well.
Always leave your front outside lights on.  Even if you don’t have a showing, there are plenty of folks who drive by, put your best foot forward, always.  See my home selling tipsfor adding splashes of color to the outside as well!
Provide a chair or bench by the front door to remove their shoes or put on booties so it is easy to preview your home even if the weather outside might promote tracking inside.
The smells of your home are much more prominent in the winter months since things are closed up.  Be aware of this and clean more often.  Boiling a pot of water with vanilla and cinnamon is a great way to make your home warm and
Clear off all the walks and steps, including decks!  People do want to see the outside as well, it is hard to access if you have 2 feet of snow piled against your patio door. 
If you live in a condo, make sure the common areas remain clean.  If your HOA is not keeping up with what is being tracked in, you may have to get the vacuum or broom out yourself to present an attractive approach to your home.

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Put your best foot forward!  Know that there are fewer homes to look at and make your shine, and that winter homes, if displayed correctly, can be magnificent!   If you have a Bozeman Home you would like to sell, please call, email or text.  We would love to meet with you to discuss our special marketing plans for your home!

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