The Space Between Online Versus In-Person Customer Service

My name is Holly Hoeger and I am
Bozeman Montana Real’s Program Director of Lead Management.

I have worked positions from Receptionist to Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director. My experience is mostly Government and Health Care, but got my office work start with an Oil Company in AZ.
Three years ago in October, I started with my sister’s local Montana real estate company, Bozeman Montana Real Living in Missouri, my integration into a small Montana business did not follow the traditional hiring process. My position arose from a specific need, and it has been amorphous ever since.

The NeedBozeman Montana Real strives to be a hyper-producing real estate company that functions around the philosophy that an agent is responsible for doing four things and four things alone: prospecting, buyingselling and negotiating. All other tasks (marketingpaperwork filing, scheduling, and communication) are handled by specialists in each given area. This strategy invigorates an agent’s time and maximizes their strengths so much so that the Bozeman Montana Real’s agents were running full throttle with the buying/selling/negotiating and closing deals. Not a bad problem to have! But, prospecting slowly started slipping by the wayside.  

How I am the Solution: I was hired to fill a void Jenifer was seeing within her prospecting plan. 97% of clients start their home search online. Using top-of-the-line CRMs, email campaigns, alerts and most of all, timeliness, I use the façade of the internet to react to online leads' queries and foster those relationships until they are ready to be taken over by the agents themselves.
Using our unique team approach allows our clients multiple points of contact and a vast array of resources.  Being one of the first impressions of our team allows me to make that personal connection as well as provide quick and accurate information.
This relationship building, information gathering and final transfer to the agent is the space in which I thrive. My experience and demeanor blend to achieve industry high conversation rates from those online leads into tangible, hot leads for Bozeman Montana Real agents. 


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