Bozeman Montana Real Holiday Greetings

The theme Bozeman Montana Real’s holiday cards emulate as well as the mantra our office operates under at all times is simple: we are a team of professionals whose purpose is to make real estate transactions smooth, enjoyable, and hopefully memorable for our clients. This motive extends beyond the semantic paperwork and beyond the closing of a contract. This is essential for us.
The Christmas Tree Shines
Swooned With Garland and Red Bows
Its Beauty is Divine
What we have done this year is a three-fold celebration with clients:To kick off the season (and the snow here in Bozeman) we had our new office's grand opening as well as a general open house to all the clients who could make it.
The holidays are a perfect time to give thanks. (No that we shouldn’t give thanks all the time) But an extra special boost can help a lot. You have made it possible for us to have a wonderful holiday as well. Your continued service as a valuable client has been thoroughly appreciated. We as Bozeman Montana Real would like to say thank you for your business this holiday season with a special gift! Cut out this card to receive a $10.00 for 50 Christmas card deal! Photos are taken by our very own, Brittney Dahlberg. Your support and business with us does not go unnoticed no matter the time of the year! Thank you!
The final step we are taking in our happy holiday push is to, as a team, go out and carol to the neighborhoods in Bozeman that are dense with our clients. With us, we are taking gift baskets filled with goodies and treats and (hopefully) melodious voices to accompany the distribution of them.
This Christmas exemplifies the extend we put forth in order to let our clients know they are the center of our business.


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