Ebb and Flow of Real Estate: Break The Low Points

Lead tracking is one of the most important and underrated skills in real estate. When an agent starts to write up contracts, the other end of their business, the lead encouragement and primping lags behind. Converting leads into contracted deals cannot be left to the technological auto-generation processes. The human ‘touch’ takes more time but results in a higher conversion returns.
“Technology can be very useful in tracking all of your traffic but the point is you have to use it.  Property management software and lead tracking companies help optimize data into a much easier format to make decisions with but there still needs to be a human driving the bus in order for any destination to be reached.  Sometimes we can get very complacent with technology.  What did you do before you had these options?  Endless paperwork? Spreadsheets ten feet high?”
So how does an agent strike the balance?
Lead generation here in our office allocates the job from the agents to the support staff. Agents pursue and sign the contracts. They get to focus on the active side of real estate while our marketing manager, relationship manager, lead generator, and transaction manager keep the passive side of the industry rejuvenated. Technology is not the key, people are. Brittney (marketing), Megan (relations), Holly (leads), and Crystal (transactions) are the only reason our leads are too much for our agents to keep caught up with.

Some would say real estate is an ebb and flow industry. I would say real estate is more constant than that if you put systems in place to break the cycle.
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