Un-Decking The Halls

What Happens to All the Trees?
New Years comes with a daunting task… un-decking the halls. Here in Bozeman, we are trying to ease the impact of this process by finding a productive use for all the brittle Christmas trees. Sites have been set up all around Bozeman to collect the trees so that they can be taken to the local landfill and used as “Merry Mulch.” This compost will be spread across the acres of garbage to encourage the reclaiming of the land by native grasses.
The idea was brought in by Martin Bey, district manager of the landfill. “Where I used to live, (we’d) grind it up and call it ‘Merry Mulch. We could never produce enough of it for people’s demands.”
Bozeman has four sites set up for convenience. The city forestry department will gather the trees (only, no garlands or wreaths can go through the chipper).  It may not make the cleaning up of Christmas any more pleasant, but this arrangement does make the disposal of your tree more worth your time. Return it for the betterment of the community—what a very Bozeman idea. 

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