Count Your Blessings

A lone car drifts off the road, facing an oncoming semi, and rolls to get out of its deadly path…


From this crushed tin can, a man crawls out. He seems untouched, unscathed. But he knows his partner inside is not. 
With disregard to his own body, sore and aching, he helps lift her limp body after it collapses trying to escape.  He has no formal training for this moment. Off of his back he takes his shirt and holds her head against him.
Paramedics arrive. They are rushed to the ER. No one even knows the man was in the car with her. 
The whole time my marketing manager, Brittney, was in the hospital, her boyfriend never took credit for all he did. He was certainly her guardian angel. A dozen people stopped and played a role in getting Brittney off the road. After a full day in the ER and a nice Thanksgiving recovery break she is nearly fully recovered. Just yesterday, she had 19 staples pulled from her healing head. 
This is our miracle story to bring to mind all the blessings of the season. Brittney and Samir are safe and sound and that is a great thing to be thankful for.
~May everyone be so blessed this December~


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